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Cecil Ramon Avina Biography

Lil Haze was born on May 5th, 1989 in San Antonio, TX, USA. He was raised by Child Protective Service. Lil Haze is a Entertainer / songwriter who currently lives in Texas. He started off his Music career by doing Remix Tracks of his favorite songs and with blogging. In the beginning highlights of his career, Lil Haze has gained much critical acclaim through multiple releases via Tuinecore, Reverbnation and recently this last year Soundcloud, which tallied thousands of views within a couple months & grossed more than 250.000 followers on Twitter and allowed him showcasing by many indie artist blogs.Lil Haze has recently released his first solo single "Confidential" on iTunes, 07/03/2014. He has also featured in many song with local Artist from his hometown & Around the world that would soon be the viral-transitioned MTV Hosted Video that would establish their first step of recognition and acknowledgement in the music video/ entertainment industry.He's recently undergoing multiple musical project expeditions and gradually providing multiple releases both solo and through collaborations, joined/supported/founded with Soundexchaing, well renowned electronic producer, Bracy Trap'God Martin